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Mutations - Instrumental electronica, soundscapes. At times composed, predominantly improvised, using synthesisers, guitars, electronic and acoustic percussion and processed sound sources.

Thunderdoor - a group of musicians comprising L.M.Champion (keyboards, guitars, percussion) A.G. Flynn (keyboards, percussion, real-time sound processing), Sonia Shore (keyboards, percussion, processing) and other musicians of various backgrounds. This project concentrates on group improvisations recorded straight to disk or CD with little or no editing applied to the final work.

BitSounds - instrumental electronica, rhythmic ambient, electro-rock, short pieces for imaginary TV series...

A.G. Flynn - Born in Folkestone, Kent 1955. Joined the local choir, aged 10. Took piano and organ lessons and developed a passion for baroque music, particularly the works of J.S. Bach. An interest in sound engineering and electronics took him on to a job in a local recording studio. Synthesisers became a passion, and are still his main interest to this day. He is also involved in various collaborations namely Wildlife Cathedral (a trio with Chris Fairclough on guitar & electronics and David Stanton on synthesisers & samplers) and Thunderdoor (a duo with L.M. Champion on guitar & keyboards).

Sonia Shore - Sonia Shore has been releasing and playing her own distinctive brand of improvised atonal and electronic soundscapes for some years. She has worked in several multimedia installations and has been actively involved in organising improv concerts culminating in the "Random Shift" concerts which brought together a variety of musicians of different areas ranging from jazz , to contemporary and electronica.

Access File - Drones, ambient soundscapes, field recordings, late night sound explorations